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Foolproof Method for Improving Self Esteem

how-to-improve-self-esteem-300x237.jpgHere is a bulletproof way to improve your self esteem: become very good at achieving your goals.

It seems to make sense doesn't it?

Setting goals that you really aspire to achieve and achieving them sounds like a great way to improve your self esteem.

But here's a guaranteed way NOT to improve your self esteem and it's the same: Become very good at achieving your goals.

Huh? I don't get it, I hear you cry. Let me explain…

There's a subtle aspect that you need to know about if you want to avoid the same trap that a lot of people fall into when they're searching for "How to improve self esteem" advice.

This element is the goals you're setting. To be more specific, you need to pay attention to whether you're setting outcome focused goals or action focused goals.

Outcome focused goals are ones that require you to achieve a particular result. For example: getting a raise, winning a particular competition or attracting a particular woman.

Action based goals are goals that involve you completing a specific action. These could include working harder, spending more time training or practicing your sport or talents, or expressing how you feel to that particular woman.

If you're setting outcome based goals in order to improve your self esteem, then your self esteem is always going to rely on things that happen outside of you. Your ability to experience a sense of self worth is going to be completely out of your control. Why? Because you can't guarantee that you can achieve an externally based outcome.

If, on the other hand, you focus on setting action based goals to improve your self esteem, then your self esteem is always going to be within your control. This is because you can always control whether or not you take action.

You can't guarantee that you're going to get the raise, but you can guarantee that you'll put more energy and effort into your work. Even if you fail to meet that goal, you can see why you fell short and what you can do to improve. The actions are within your control and therefore, your self esteem will be too.

If you remain committed to setting and acting on action based goals and continue to challenge yourself to achieve those goals, you will improve your self esteem.

If you want to want to know the underlying factor that you need to change to switch over to action focused goals, follow the links in my bio. I will show you not only what you need to change I will also show you the benefits of this change and the first steps required to start making practical changes.

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