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How to Peel Fresh Coconut

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Before you can enjoy the fresh sweetness of a coconut, break the shell and peel away the meat surrounding the brown skin. The coconut tree is found in the tropical regions of southeast Asia, although it can now be found in most places with a suitable climate. Grated coconut and coconut milk are key

Wine Storage

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Wine making and proper storage techniques have been around for centuries. The process of wine making is complicated and lengthy, but the process of storing the wine to maintain its quality and taste is just as important and difficult.

How to Do Basket Weave Icing

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The basket weave is a classic frosting technique used by professional bakers. With a little time, practice and patience, you can add basket weave frosting on the cakes you make at home as well. This technique requires you to use a pastry bag and a special tip to make your cake look like the sides of